Job Offers Orientation

Job Offers Orientation

Could you give me an advice how should I choose job offers on personnel servers? Which one is good for me? Sometimes I have the feeling that some concrete position is fitting for me - it meets all my job images but the company has got different requirements from mine job experience or I meet their requirements but this job position does not like me too much.

Answer of job advisory centre

Right orientation on personnel servers and daily press is relatively complicated. It calls for more experience and practice - which enable you to appropriate judge every particular job offer.

Applicant for job motivation

Basic candidates precondition for orientating in job offers and labour market is his/her own motivation. Candidate needs to realize his/her situation and set down parameters his/her future employment:

  • What kind of work would I like to do?
  • What kind of work would I definitely not to do?
  • Where would I like to work?
  • Under which financial and other conditions would I like to work?

This question help candidate draw up his/her job position preference. Because of this he/she could easier sort the offers and choose the best one of them.

The choice of relevant job advertisements

If candidate answer to the advertisement which:

  • meets his/her imagination about job position, and
  • meets most of requirements demanded by employer

it is probable he/she will be interesting candidate for the company and could be invite at job interview.

Thats why candidate should answer only on the job positions they are attractive for him/her (content of work, job salary, coworker team, type of company) and at which position he/she could meet employers requirements.

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