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Cover Letter Sample

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J. Stone
Recruitment manager

Subject: Application for positions HR Key Account manager

Dear Mr. Stone,

I am pleased to respond to your company personal advertisement released through a job ads server Acesta I am very interested in positions HR Key Account Manager.

I think that I can offer wide work experience in human resource management, management, education of adults, information technologies, sales and business. I have experiences in human resource management and top management of middle-size Food Products Company. Also I am experienced in providing human resource services for various companies (as an executive partner in Recruitment Company, HR counseling, organizational culture audit; as a project manager of HR portal for e-recruitment services). My training practice, I acquired as a sales acquirement lecturer and as an external teacher of University UCAL (subjects: Management, HR management, Marketing).

I believe that through my knowledge, abilities and work experience I will be a useful member of your company.

Sincerely yours,

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