Sales Representative Job Description

Sales Representative Job Description

JOB TITLE: Sales Representative

Sales Representative Alternative Job Titles:

Sales Executive
Sales Rep

Sales Representative Company Department:

Sales department, Sales and Marketing department

Sales Representative Job Description:

Building relationships with existing customers and finding potential new clients

Sales Representative Superior Job Titles:

Sales Manager
Area Sales Manager
Key Account Manager
Sales Director

Sales Representative Subordinate Job Titles:

Usually independent job position without the leadership subordinates

Sales Representative Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Sales Representative Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position

Highly communicative character, open and friendly behavior

Sales Rep Usual Requirements for Candidates

previous experience in business, driving license, pc skills (MS Word, MS Excel, business modul of information systems, email, internet)

Sales Executive Working Conditions

Office environment, car, work at the clients environment (frequent traveling)

Sales Representative Typical Training and Courses

communication skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, business skills, marketing, sales, spreadsheet, basic business management, negotiation and persuasion, the customer, the successful management of business cases, training of potential situations with clients, effective argumentation

Job Description Field: Sales, Purchasing, Business

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