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Motivation Letter or Cover Letter?

There is the requirement in personnel ads to send Curriculum Vitae (Resume) . And the second requirement is to send cover letter or motivation letter. Motivation and cover letter are two different names for the same thing - application for job.

Cover Letter Contents

Cover letter supplements and clarifies CV information. Cover Letter should contain especially following things:

  • Job position
  • Applicant´s job interest reasons
  • Applicant´s assumptions for work on concrete job position
  • Expanding information included in CV
  • Contacts

Cover Letter Sample

Sample of cover letter is a template to be completed and modified according to particular requirements of a candidate, job and employer.

Motivation (Cover) Letter Samples

We publish cover letter samples for different jobs and fields. But it is not in human power to post samples of cover letters for all word positions. For this reason we publish patterns of motivation letters for the most common jobs and employments.

Cover Letter Samples 2017 for Free Download List

Different job positions cover letter examples and templates:

  • Job Search Labels