Real Estate Agent Job Description

Real Estate Agent Job Description

JOB TITLE: Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Alternative Job Titles:

Real Estate Broker
Real Estate Sales Agent

Real Estate Agent Company Department:

Real estate sales department, real estate leasing department

Real Estate Agent Job Description:

Real estate sales or rental. Real estate presentation to potential clients and execution terms of sale or lease.

Real Estate Agent Superior Job Titles:

Head of Department
Real Estate Agency Manager
Real Estate Agency Owner

Real Estate Agent Subordinate Job Titles:

Any subordinates

Real Estate Agent Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Real Estate Agent Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position

Very communicative person, presentation skills, time flexibility.

Real Estate Sales Agent Usual Requirements for Candidates

Sales experience preferably in real estate, certified for real estate sales.

Real Estate Broker Working Conditions

Work is usually performed in the terrain, constant traveling mostly by car.

Real Estate Agent Typical Training and Courses

Courses of commercial and sales skills, communication and presentation, effective calling, business and civil law in the direction of to the real estate ownership, sale and leasing.

Job Description Field: Sales, Purchasing, Business

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