Stress, Nervousness and Job Interview

Stress, Nervousness and Job Interview

Interview, stress and nervousness of applicant for job

Stress and nervousness of applicant for job is attractive element of job search process. It isn't clear if nervousness must cause that applicant for job won't be chosen for given position. But in some cases nervousness and stress can awaken sympathy of recruiters.

Applicant and recruiter equipollent partners

It is more suitable to approach to job interview and recruiters like meeting equipollent partners. Applicant needs job and recruiter offers job and needs applicant.

Applicant for jobs often think as long as job interview is happen it's mean a lot of applicant for job of work have interest in this work. It seems - A lot of applicants for job = the chance to be successful is lower. Although it is logical, is not truth. Employer looks for employees because of:

  • Unexpected need of new employee spring up for given position (disease, leaving of employee etc.)
  • Need applicant for job for new position or some employee will be changed and company needs new employee for this free position

No reason to be nervous and in stress

But company always looks for employee, who carries out not only qualifying precondition but even personality precondition for suitable adaptation by company and its culture. As long as applicant for job enters for position, when has precondition according to advertisement, it depends on next features of applicant. Among the next features belong to factor of sympathy. Applicant for job often is not allowed to influence this features (because applicant for job do not know what employer expects) and it is the reason, why it is not necessary to be in stress and nervous.

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