Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Job application cover letter

Cover letter is usually the first document, which recruiter reads when received job applicant materials. Cover letter is recommended to put in email with application for job. Cover letter is writing as continuous text. Opposite structured curriculum vitae, cover letter is written by whole sentences.

Cover letter length

It is very difficult to define the length of cover letter. Cover letter has to invite applicant for job, his motivation to apply for work position, summarize his assumptions to be good employee and member of work team. Cover letter is an opportunity to present achievements' of job searcher.

Cover letter is structured in paragraphs and the complete length of this document is maximally one page.

Cover letter structure

Structure of motivation letter is analogical and quietly simple:

Cover letter header

  • Date
  • To who (addressee)
  • Name (if you know this information)
  • Position in company (if you know this information)
  • Department (HR department, Recruitment department)
  • Name of company (name of potential employer or personnel agency)
  • Address

Cover leter headline

Application for job position


Dear Name of recruiter or Dears

First cover letter paragraph

Introduction of cover letter, for what job position applicant applied, which job ads applicant reacted.

Cover letter next paragraphs

Motivation to apply to job, work experiences, competences. To describe reasons to recruiter preferred yourself against other applicants for job.


Best regards

Applicant contact information

Phone number, email contact, address (ICQ number or skype number is possible too)

Cover letter attachment list

Which documents are attached (curriculum vitae, reference list and diploma)

Cover letter sample

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Cover Letter

Information about cover letter, structure, how to write, tips for cover letter, samples.

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