Area Sales Manager Job Description

Area Sales Manager Job Description

JOB TITLE: Area Sales Manager

Area Sales Manager Alternative Job Titles:

Area Manager
Country Manager
Sales Manager
National Sales Manager
Force Field Manager

Area Sales Manager Company Department:

Sales Department, Sales Force Department

Area Sales Manager Job Description:

Leadership and management of sales team (sales representatives, merchandisers, van sellers or other trading positions), implementation of business strategies and sales targets in area, responsible for sales and trade marketing at retail locations.

Area Sales Manager Superior Job Titles:

Sales Director
Director of Sales and Marketing Department
Executive Director

Area Sales Manager Subordinate Job Titles:

Sales team (3-25 subordinates)

Sales Representative

Sales Executive


Executive Assistant

Van Seller

Area Sales Manager Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Area Sales Manager Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position Sales Manager

Sales, trade, management and organizational skills, focus on the objectives, ability to delegate and monitor tasks

Country Manager Usual Requirements for Candidates

Work experience in sales and marketing , ability to lead a team of subordinates, communication skills, ability to negotiate with customers, driver's license, work on a PC, willingness to travel.

Area Manager Working Conditions

Work is performed in sales area particularly, visits customers at point of sale and meetings with subordinates, often stays in the sales area with the occasional need to stay away from home.

Area Sales Manager Typical Training and Courses

Management of sales team, Trade Marketing, Area Sales Management, Successful negotiation, Merchandising, Sales Force Management, Play games as a tool for training the sales team, Communication and manipulation

Job Description Field: Sales, Purchasing, Business

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