Cover Letter Sample JAVA Programmer

Cover Letter Sample JAVA Programmer

JAVA Programmer (SW Engineer) Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Date: 2008-03-13

Frank C. Developer
Software Architect and Java Development Manager
Information Systems Development and Solutions Inc.
1700 112th Ave 2001 Redmond, WA, USA

Application for job positions J2EE developer (JAVA programmer)

Dear Mr. F.C. Developer,

I was interested in your job advertisement Java Programmer published on job information server Acesta I choose this way of communication to apply to your J2EE job position.

I have 11 years experiences in information systems development on different platforms - JAVA (J2EE 9 years, JMEE 1 year), Microsoft .NET (C# a Visual Basic, MS SQL, 6 years), Oracle (PL/SQL, 3 years) and PHP (ZEND, MySQL, 5 years). I have work experiences as supervisor of five member development team (3 JAVA programmers, Analyst and Quality Engineer). More information about my programming experiences and abilities you can see in my curriculum vitae in attachment. For evaluation of my programming style I attach to cover letter my JAVA programming source code sample.

I hope that through my work experience I will be a new member of your JAVA programming team.

Sincerely yours,

Bill C. Programmer

Bill C. Programmer
Phone: 00 Country-code 333 444 555
Los Angeles

Attachments: JAVA Programmer Curriculum Vitae Example, JAVA Source Code Sample

JAVA Programmer (SW Engineer) Cover Letter Sample End

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Article Field: Information Technology and Telecommunication


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