Curriculum Vitae Email Tips

Curriculum Vitae Email Tips

CV like subject of e-mail

When subject of e-mail is curriculum vitae (CV), biography or resume, probably recruiter knows nothing about applicant for job and his reason for applying. The most suitable is when applicant writes name of job position and eventually name of candidate. For example: Key Account manager - Hross Hugo.

Forwarded application email to different job

The next un-sympathy thing for recruiter or human resource manager is situation, when applicant for job sends e-mail, which already was sent to other employer. For example in subject these expressions are:

  • FW: Biography my kitten
  • FW: Request for position of shopper for company A (When applicant for job wants to get position by competitive company B)

Resume e-mail with virus

E-mail with virus show to recruiter applicants ability of using computer. Mostly this e-mail does not open from safety reasons and your curriculum vitae do not get to responsible recruiter. It is good, when you use antivirus program with actual antivirus database. Some of them you have to use free for house using.

Curriculum vitae in e-mail without text and subject

When recruiter or personnel agency get e-mail from applicant for job position without sentences in e-mail body, though detailed cover letter is joined, it is problem with its classification or sending e-mail to address of other responsible worker. It is good, when applicant for job covering letter join like insert, applicant should write its succinct version like body text of e-mail.

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