Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre a Tool of Employees Selection

Assessment centre (AC) is in this time a usual tool used at job selections.

Content of Assessment Centre

Content of assessment centre used to be fulfilling tasks and case studies - individually or in groups. Form of tasks and solving of problems simulate conditions, which comes or could come in that concrete job position. Part of assessment centre used to be psychological testing and psycho diagnostic of attending candidates.

Number of Applicants in the Assessment Centre

Number of candidates in assessment centre is not standardizing. Usually it is the number of people in one group about three to ten.

Duration of the Assessment Centre

Duration of assessment centre is very different - from 2 to 3 hours, sometimes to 2 or 3 days. In extreme cases it is whole week - but it is only special selection at expert positions or top manager positions.

Assessors and Assessment Centre

Assessment centre mostly take place in front of committee comprising personnel (human resources officer), possible head employer and other employees. Very often there is psychologist too.

It is useful to know that the men who assess you must not be only in the committee he/she should be one of your false co candidates.

Preparing to Assessment Centre

Every preparation for assessment centre is very difficult because tasks and case studies are different and in most of employers are individuals. The employer interest is discover candidate in situations simulating conditions at concrete job position and the main target of this is showing behavior of candidate in situations in which candidate can not prepare for.

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