Job Interview over the Phone or Skype

Job Interview over the Phone or Skype

Nowadays the job interview over the phone or video phone (by Skype) is it not something unusual. Mostly telephone interview is the introductory part of job interview - recruitment specialist (other HR specialist or recruitment agency consultant) form shortlist of candidates and these candidates are inviting to personal job interview. Phone-interviews spare time and money not only of personnel, but for candidate too.

Phone-interviews or Skype-interviews are used to be shorter than personal interviews in the company or personnel agency.

Preparation for Phone-interviews or Skype-interviews

The preparation for phone-interviews or Skype-interviews is almost the same like for classical personal interview.

  • Copy of send structural curriculum vitae
  • Job advertisement and other documents contain information about offered job position
  • Information about employer
  • Questions about offered position and employer
  • Paper and pencil for noting
  • Be sure that all technological aspects are functional (Telephone, PC, Internet access, Skype/ICQ installation, microphone etc.)What need to be prepared before phone-interview?

Phone-interview and other language

Common requirement for some positions is ability to speak foreign language. If it so, you should expect you will be testing from your languages abilities during phone call. Do not be surprise when the personnel will speak only foreign language during your phone-interview. He is just investigating your communication skills.

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