Insurance Agent Job Description

Insurance Agent Job Description

JOB TITLE: Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent Alternative Job Titles:

Insurance Advisor
Insurance Broker
Insurance Sales Agent
Insurance Sales Advisor
Insurance Sales Broker

Insurance Agent Company Department:

Sales department, Client service department, Sales group

Insurance Agent Job Description:

Consulting with the client focused on the selection and sale of suitable insurance products, maintaining long-term relationship with customers, review of insurance contracts, bidding and selling new products.

Insurance Agent Superior Job Titles:

Area Sales Manager - Insurance
Sales Director
Sales Group Manager
Insurance Sales Manager

Insurance Agent Subordinate Job Titles:

The job position is usually performed independently and without subordinates.

Insurance Agent Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Insurance Agent Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position Insurance Sales Agent

Highly communicative and emphatic person with logical thinking and basic finance and insurance analysis ability.

Insurance Broker Usual Requirements for Candidates

State permission for the position of insurance agent (different per country). Detailed knowledge of insurance products. Ability to work on a computer in a spreadsheet (for example MS Excel) and in specialized programs of insurance companies.

Insurance Advisor Working Conditions

Work is performed mainly at customers, for work is necessary administrative work in the office or in home office.

Insurance Agent Typical Training and Courses

1) Product training on various types of insurance (home insurance, risk insurance, health insurance, life insurance , insurance, medical expenses, property insurance, accident insurance, liability and other species).
2) The course of communication and relationship with customers, sales psychology, persuasion tactics, empathic negotiations, maintaining long-term relationship with customers, sales skills.
3) specialized training focused on control programs and technologies used in the work of an insurance agent (Excel, Word, specialized programs, insurance companies and insurance companies)

Job Description Field: Finance, Economics, Banking, Insurance

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