Receptionist Job Description

Receptionist Job Description

JOB TITLE: Receptionist

Receptionist Alternative Job Titles:

Front Office Receptionist
Receptionist - Assistant
Front Office Assistant
Junior Assistant

Receptionist Company Department:

Front Office Department, Office Support Department, Department of Administration

Receptionist Job Description:

Personal, telephone, email, classical mail and fax communication with clients, employees and others. The most important roles are answering, redirecting and sorting incoming telephone calls, mail and email correspondence, accepting and placing on guests and visitors, administrative support.

Receptionist Superior Job Titles:

Office Manager
Front Office Manager
Receptionist Manager
Receptionist Senior

Receptionist Subordinate Job Titles:

Separate job position without managerial competences and without subordinates

Receptionist Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Receptionist Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position Front Office Assistant

Unconflictful person able to communicate face to face, by phone or in writing, friendly demeanor and behavior

Receptionist - Assistant Usual Requirements for Candidates

Customer services experiences, excellent communication skills, PC knowledge and knowledge of office software (text editors, presentation sw, spreadsheet)

Front Office Receptionist Working Conditions

Office environment (office, foyer or reception room), using computer, fax, phone, printer and copier

Receptionist Typical Training and Courses

Assertiveness, calling, time management, mails sorting, effective mailing, PC courses (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OpenOffice, Lotus Notes, HTML)

Job Description Field: Administration

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