Tester - Quality Engineer Job Description

Tester - Quality Engineer Job Description

JOB TITLE: Tester - Quality Engineer

Tester - Quality Engineer Alternative Job Titles:

Quality Engineer
Test Designer
Test Lead
Test Analyst

Tester - Quality Engineer Company Department:

Information System Development Department, Quality Assurance Department, Department of Testing

Tester - Quality Engineer Job Description:

The proposal and self-testing structure and functionality of information systems, applications, software components and web applications during development and implementation IS and SW.

Tester - Quality Engineer Superior Job Titles:

Director of Testing IS
Quality Engineer - Team Leader
Project manager
SW Architect
QA Manager

Tester - Quality Engineer Subordinate Job Titles:

No subordinates.

Tester Junior

Tester - Quality Engineer Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Tester - Quality Engineer Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position Test Lead

Analytical and logical thinking, diligence, patience, perseverance, system approach

Test Designer Usual Requirements for Candidates

knowledge of testing and QA software - QTP, ISEB, Test Robot, Quality Centre, Rational Robot, Test, basic knowledge of programming, spreadsheets

Quality Engineer Working Conditions

Office work with permanent computer using.

Tester - Quality Engineer Typical Training and Courses

QA and testing IS courses, QA philosophy, QA strategy, Test Leading, SW for testing, Programming Basic, UML, Quality standards in IS and IT

Job Description Field: Information Technology and Telecommunication

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