Branch Manager Job Description

Branch Manager Job Description

JOB TITLE: Branch Manager

Branch Manager Alternative Job Titles:

Retail Branch Manager
Bank Branch Manager
Shop Manager
Manager of Retail Branch
Head of Branch

Branch Manager Company Department:

Sales Department, Retail Sales Department, Department of Bank Retail (in banking sector), Department of Branch Network

Branch Manager Job Description:

Branch management and leadership in the retail sales, information technology, telecommunications, financial, banking, insurance or other customers services. In job description of Branch Manager are different activities leading to successful operation of branch, shop or workshop. The scope of work is human resources management - recruitment, training, motivating and rewarding of staff, marketing and sales support, fulfillment of business plan, budgeting, logistics activities associated with the operation.

Branch Manager Superior Job Titles:

Sales Director
Director of Branch Network
Manager of Retail Network
Area Manager
Branch Network Manager

Branch Manager Subordinate Job Titles:

Managerial job position directed to management of sales and other staff at branch.


Branch Officer

Sales Supporter

Branch Assistant

Branch Manager Trainee

Branch Manager Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Branch Manager Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position Shop Manager

Managerial and leadership ability, sales meaning, stress resistance.

Bank Branch Manager Usual Requirements for Candidates

Managerial experiences or prerequisites for managerial work, orientation in the area of employer business, sales and communication skills, computer literacy (office sw, ERP), secondary education at least.

Retail Branch Manager Working Conditions

Job position is usually performed at the branch, frequent personal, telephone or electronic communication with staff, customers, suppliers and superiors.

Branch Manager Typical Training and Courses

Management, Teamleading, Human Resource Management (CV Selection, Cover Letter Reading, Job Interview Skills, Motivation, Training, Rewarding), Finance and Accounting, Business Planning, Branch Management, Product Training, Time Management, Computer Knowledge Courses.

Job Description Field: Sales, Purchasing, Business

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