Accountant Job Description

Accountant Job Description

JOB TITLE: Accountant

Accountant Alternative Job Titles:

Cost Accountant
Financial Accountant

Accountant Company Department:

Finance Department, Accounting Department.

Accountant Job Description:

Management of accounting agendas, operational and financial accounting, financial statements, tax returns.

Accountant Superior Job Titles:

Chief Accountant
Head of Accountancy
Financial Director
Manager of Accounting and Financials

Accountant Subordinate Job Titles:

Positions usually without subordinates, in some cases subordinate position:

Invoice clerk

Accountant Junior

Data Entry

Accountant Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Accountant Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position

Accuracy, consistency, conscientiousness, responsibility, ability to accurately comply with the accounting methodology, knowledge of legislation.

Financial Accountant Usual Requirements for Candidates

Previous experience in accounting position, necessary education and acounting certificates, references, ability to work with accounting software.

Cost Accountant Working Conditions

Office environment

Accountant Typical Training and Courses

US GAP, IFRS - EU Accounting, VAT Accounting Methodology, Accounting principles, processes and procedures, Accountant, Modern Accountant I.II., SAP Accounting SW, Oracle Finance VAT, Finance Controlling, Cash Flow, Global Company Accounting, Cost Accounting, Controlling and Accounting.

Job Description Field: Finance, Economics, Banking, Insurance

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