Press Agent Job Description

Press Agent Job Description

JOB TITLE: Press Agent

Press Agent Alternative Job Titles:

PR Officer
Public Relations Officer
Press Officer
Media Relations Officer

Press Agent Company Department:

PR Department, Press Department, Marketing Department

Press Agent Job Description:

Building relationships with the public sector, media, journalists and the outside environment of company, presentation of products, services and company's activities through press, media and other non-promotional channels, contacts with journalists and other media representatives.

Press Agent Superior Job Titles:

Public Relations Director
PR Manager
Manager of Press Department
Marketing Director

Press Agent Subordinate Job Titles:

PR Assistant

Press Agent Resume Curriculum Vitae Examples

Press Agent Cover Letter Examples

Assumptions for Job Position Press Officer

Highly communicative and no conflicting personality with strong argumentation skills

Public Relations Officer Usual Requirements for Candidates

excellent knowledge of language and grammar, written and spoken communication skills, ability to define outputs to target group, ability to manage crisis situations

PR Officer Working Conditions

Working in the office and frequent meetings with journalists and others outside company

Press Agent Typical Training and Courses

Communication skills, media training, grammar and language training, argumentation training, presentation skills, presentation software, persuasion and behavioral psychology, specificities of media and communication channels, presentation and new media (internet, Facebook, Google, mobile platforms)

Job Description Field: Marketing, Advertising, PR, Media

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