Cover Letter Sample Accountant

Cover Letter Sample Accountant

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George Methodist
Chief Accountant
Hamburger Street 1

Application for Job Position Accountant

Dear Mr. Methodist,

I am applying about a job position Accountant that was published today on the job site

I am interested in accounting and financial controlling since my studies on secondary school and university (University of Accounting, Montreal, Canada).

I have already worked as accountant or financial controller in my job career. I have accounting experiences from different area of business, from food industry and gastronomy to counseling, army or movie production.

I am able to administer all accounting agendas - operational and cost accounting, tax accounting ( value addated tax, corporate and individuals income tax, etc.).

I the area of financial and cost controlling I have wide experiences. I was a member of cost optimality, cost effectiveness and cash flow optimization team.

I have certification for accounting in USA and Canada (US GAP Professional, Accountant I, Accountant II - US Certification, Cost Accounting Professional). I am a member of US Accountant Organization and Canada Accounting Professionals Association.

Very glad I would like to work for your company because its market position, long-term financial stability and focus on food industry correspond to my idea about future employer.

I sincerely hope that you will be interested in my professional curriculum vitae and we will have opportunity to meet on job interview in your company.

Best regards,

Paul Accountant

Paul Accountant
Tax and Accountant Avenue 12345
Email: c o m
Phone: 921 921 021 921 021

Attachment: CV (Resume) Example Accountant

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Article Field: Finance, Economics, Banking, Insurance


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