Area Sales Manager Curriculum Vitae Example

Area Sales Manager Curriculum Vitae Example

Curriculum Vitae Resume Example Area Sales Manager

Area Sales Manager (ASM)

Curriculum Vitae Example

Personal information:

Name: Petr Area Sales Manager
Birth: 20 March 1972
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: American
Email: petr.area.manager@area-sales-manager. c o m
Phone: 00 Country-number 777 222 333 444


1988 - 1992
University of Sales and Business, Texas
Faculty of Sales Management
Specialization: Sales management, sales skills, business accounting
Thesis: The Role of Area Sales Manager in Global Companies

1991 - 1993
Unilever USA
Fast moving consumer goods, cleaning and washing
Wan Seller (1991 - 1992)
Wan selling in Huston, communication with vendors, goods delivering, making out delivery notes and invoices (Psion)
Area Sales Manager (1992 - 1993)
Management of Wan Sellers team, sales team training, new client's acquisition

FMCG, food processing industry, beverages
Sales executive
Sales activities, Denver region, HoReCa (gastronomy, hotels and catering) and retail segment, sales acquisition, placing orders, sales support (POP and POS matters, merchandising)
Products: Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite

Danone USA
FMCG, dairy products
Area Sales Manager, National Sales Manager
Sales Management in NY, independent market, 50 Wan Sellers and 15 Sales Executives team management, sales skills training, product training, cooperation with marketing and sales marketing department, crisis situation solving, key account management

Adidas Cosmetics USA
FMCG, sport cosmetics
Key Account Manager and Area Sales Manager
Yearly conditions negotiation with retail chains, management of sales team (Sales Executives, Merchandisers), business strategy in USA, product management, sales support activities

FMCG, food processing industry, pharmaceutics, baby food
Area Sales Manager
Sales strategy, team leading (20 Medical Representatives), key account management in pharmacy segment, sales support, implementation FMCG sales strategy in pharmacy market

FMCG, beer industry
National Sales Manager (Area Sales Manager)
Horeca segment, sales team management (5 Area Sales Managers, 112 Sales Executives, 200 Promoters), promo activities, sales skills training, HoReCa chains negotiations

Trainings and Courses:

2010 Management techniques in sales department
2009 Top management
2009 Key Account manager
2008 National Area Sales Manager I, II
2007 Area Sales Manager
2006 Management of Sales Team
2005 Sales Skills
2004 Retail Chains Negotiations Negotiation
2003 Retail Teams Management
2000 Sales Executive management

PC Skills:

Excellent user, Win, UNIX, Office, SAP - Sales and Logistics modules


English - native
German - intermediate
Portugal, Japan - beginner


Family, Sport, Photography of Nature, Architecture, Human Tuning

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Area Sales Manager Cover Letter Example

Job Description

Article Field: Sales, Purchasing, Business


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