Cover Letter Sample Branch Manager

Cover Letter Sample Branch Manager

Branch Manager - Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Henry Tablet
Retail Branch Director
Apple Retail Stores, Ltd.
Steve Wozniak' Street 1-2013

Applications for Job Position Branch Manager for Apple Retail Stores

Dear Mr. Tablet,

I would like to apply for posted job position Branch Manager.

I am experienced professional in branch management area. I have wide professional knowledge and experiences on job position Branch manager in information technology, telecommunication, fast-food or banking sector.

Now I am working as Branch Manager for largest car rental company Hertz in Los Angeles. I would like to change area of business and I want to back to information technology area. I am a big fan of Apple products and it's technological and design domination and it is the main reason for my application for job in your company.

I suppose, I fulfill all requirements published in job ads. I am full motivated team leader, I am able to prepare and open new branch of Apple Store in San Diego. During my professional career I opened two new branches (for AT&T and Hertz). I have knowledge with recruiting of new staff for branch, training, budgeting, business plan setting, marketing and sales support, financial management and other activities for lunch new retail branch.

Detailed information about my career experiences, employment history, education, trainings and certification are attached in my professional curriculum vitae.

Best regards,

Philip Branch Manager

Philip Branch Manager
Branch Manager Avenue 2013/01B, San Diego
Email: philip-branch-manager@psf-branch-managers . net
Phone: 2424 2424 2424 2424

Attachment: CV (Resume) Example Branch Manager

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Job Description

Article Field: Sales, Purchasing, Business


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