Cover Letter Sample Press Agent, PR Officer

Cover Letter Sample Press Agent, PR Officer

Press Agent, PR Officer - Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Stephan Defender
Amnesty International
55 Endangered

Application for Head of Press Agent

Dear Mr. Defender,

I am writing to apply for the position of Head Press agent in Amnesty International - I would like to take part in selection procedure of this position. I really share activity of your organization. Your main goal - to observance of human rights - I truly agree with this opinion and I would like to conduce with my part of work to this sublime mission.

In the area of Media I am used to be from my professional start. Actually it was already at high school when I was starting with text writing. My really professional career began after my university studies at Yale. I was employed at one of the famous daily newspaper at world. It was at New York Times. This experience enriches me at all with writing skills - contently (information selection) and stylistically (precision of expression).

Last six years I move my interest more to the public relations. It was at the position of Press Agent in some companies. Here I should develop my communicating skills and medial appearance. Except this I get the chance to try making use of my organizing and negotiating proficiency. My previous journalist career allowed me to understand the needs of newsmen and get on with them.

What next can I offer to your organization? It is my general knowledge and deep interest in worlds developments, creativity, time flexibility, cultivated and respectable looking and something more. I am excited about the opportunity to join the Amnesty International. I hope I should persuade you about my advantage at personal interview.


Diane Press Agent

Diane Press Agent
212 Press Street, New Haven, CT 06511, Connecticut, United States
Email: diane@press agent pr . com
Phone number: 111 222 333 777

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Article Field: Marketing, Advertising, PR, Media


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