Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample Start

Mrs. O.S. Stone
Back Office Manager
Human Resource Department
Office Projects Ltd.
Minesota, USA

Application for Executive Assistant job position

Dear Mrs. Stone,

I would like to show you my interest in position executive assistant, which I discovered at website Acesta-Job.info.

What shall I offer to your company? In my professional career I became a member of management support team in different companies. I have an experience as an executive assistant in financial or accounting department, last three years I worked at the similar position in a personnel agency. My job description was administration and organization work. I provided good operation of the office - meetings organization, documentation, telemarketing and translations. Except my qualification skills I can offer to your company high assignment, flexibility, reliability, loyalty.

I assume my skills and experiences would be beneficial for your company and for position Executive Assistant. Next information you can find in attached curriculum vitae.


Natally Assistant

Natally Assistant
Phone: 00 Country-number 123 123 999
E-mail: nataly@executive - assistant.c o m

Attachment: Executive Assistant Curriculum Vitae Example

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample End

Job Description

Article Field: Administration

Author: Acesta-job.info

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