Curriculum Vitae - Font, Typeface and Type Size

Curriculum Vitae - Font, Typeface and Type Size

How can we use font, typeface and size of type in Curriculum Vitae?

Choice of convenient writing kinds, types, thicknesses and sizes using in professional structured Curriculum Vitae is rather difficult.

Professional Curriculum Vitae - the main rule for typeface

The basic rule for typeface in Curriculum Vitae is readability and well arranging of final document. Professional structured CV has to be - for everyone who is going to study this document - very good structured, easy to follow and readable.

Convenient type font

We should follow next advice:

  • Choice of serif font or sans serif font,
  • Prevalence of chosen font,
  • Candidates personal preference of font.

Curriculum Vitae - serif or sans serif font

One of the most important dividing in computer graphics typography is category of serif and sans serif font.

Serif font is using in the press and printed matter. Well-known kind of serif font is Times New Roman. Contrary to serif font - sans serif font - is much better for screen displaying. Famous sans serif font is Arial.

From this information arises difficult decision - should the candidate use in his/her Curriculum Vitae serif or sans serif font - typeface suitable for press materials or for screen reading? You could not know in advance how at the personnel agency or at the personnel department of potential employer work with CVs - somewhere they press it, somewhere they study them straight on the computer screen. You can follow our advice:

Curriculum Vitae sending in email use sans serif font.
Curriculum Vitae pressed on paper use serif font.

Curriculum Vitae - prevalence of chosen font

Chosen font prevalence is necessary in the case you are sending Curriculum Vitae in electronic format. Sometimes the choice of font could be problematic. If you decided for special type font which is not usual - it could not be working on every platform. It could happen your document will be displayed in another way you wanted even it should be completely unreadable.

Wrong screening you can prevent if you follow next advice:

  • Exporting to the computer format pdf,
  • Using of widely type font.

Commonly used are the next fonts:

  • Arial,
  • Times New Roman,
  • Helvetica,
  • Tahoma,
  • Verdana,
  • Courier.

Curriculum Vitae - candidates personal preference of type font

The most important view for font choice is personal preference of man/woman who is creating Curriculum Vitae. Curriculum Vitae suppose to be something like a visiting card and it should express who is his/her author. Content of Curriculum Vitae is mostly strictly settled with previous professional experience - your individuality you can express by way of your CV design. CV design constitutes just choice of typeface and type font.

Curriculum Vitae - type size

It is not clearly defined size of type in Curriculum Vitae. Maximum length of CV is 1 - 2 standard pages (format A4). Among this requirement - we should adapt size of our type. Commonly used type sizes in CV are 10, 11 and 12. It is allowed using more than one size in CV.

Curriculum Vitae - using of more fonts

In some cases is effective using more fonts in one CV document. It could help with clarity and lucidity.

Curriculum Vitae - capital letters or lower letters

Using only capital letters or only lower letters depend just on the CV author. Except artistic CVs it is usual keep to language rules - alternatively used capital letters only if it is consider like graphic effect.

Curriculum Vitae - variants of font

Font could be realized in another ways - normal, bold, italic, underline, bold italic. In Curriculum Vitae there are no obstructions - you could use what variant of font you preferred.

Curriculum Vitae - type shading

Type shading is inappropriate In Curriculum Vitae, because it could cause wrong readability of document.

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