CV (Resume) Example Executive Chef

CV (Resume) Example Executive Chef

CV Resume Example Executive Chef

Executive Chef

Curriculum Vitae Example

Personal data:

Name: George Executive Chef
Address: Lakewood Road 15/15, New Jersey, USA
Date of Birth: 19 October 1973
Nationality: British
Marital Status: single
Email: george@executive-chef-gastronomy. c o m
Phone: 00 State-number 111 000 111 444


Best American Chef - winner of the year 2008

Work experiences:

1993 - 1994
Hotel and Restaurant "At church", Ocean City, NJ, United States
Cook Assistant and Side-dish Maker
Preparation of simply dishes from fruits and vegetables, morning menu preparation, side-dishes making

1994 - 1996
Restaurant White Horse, Prague, the Czech Republic
Traditional Czech and International Cuisine
Independent Cook
Daily menu making, preparation of custom-made meals

1996 - 1999
Cruiser Queen Mary
Cruise to Caribbean Islands, Bahamas Islands, North America, Europe and Mediterranean
Shift Cook
Preparation of hot and cold buffets, buffet services, international cuisine (Japan, Thailand)

2000 - 2002
Ristorante Pasta Fresca, Milano, Italy
Italian cuisine (Ambiente Restaurants Group)
Pizzas, pastas, Italian meat specials, salads, typical Italian pastry

2003 - 2004
Chili Grill Restaurant, Hamburg, Germany
Grill Cook
During the summer season working as a grill cook, private and company action preparation and realization

2004 - 2007
Restaurant and Cafe Buon Apetito!, New York, US
Italian cuisine
Shift leader of fourth group cookers, check on ready meal preparations and services, and occasionally work as a chef in his absent
Except preparation of traditional Italian cuisine - preparation of steaks, lobsters and another sea animals too

2006 - today
For Seasons Hotels and Resorts, New York, US
World cuisine
Executive Chef
Responsibility for organization, preparation and quality of all kitchen services, daily menu creating, calculation, gastronomy actions, making lists of needed foods, responsibility for timely food supply, time management of all kitchen employees Adherence to HACCP standards


1988 - 1991
Training College of Public Catering, New Jersey, USA
Specialization - Cook and Waiter in Catering Industry
Vocational Certificate
Finals: Hotplate Preparation, Cold Meat Preparation, Simply and Complicated Guess Services

1991 - 1993
High School of Gastronomy and Hotel Services, New Jersey, USA
Branch of the Study: Public Catering
Two-year institute
GLeaving Exam: English, Italian, Economy and Accounting, Tourism, Hotel Operation


Grilling - the Smells of Mediterranean
Classic Dishes of World Cuisine
Czech Cuisine
French Gastronomy
Course of Italian Specials - pizzas, pastas, fishes, salads and pastry
Preparation of Steaks and Beefsteaks
Salads like side-dishes - Salads like a Main Course
Sushi and Basic of Japan Cuisine
Thailand Cuisine Plainly
Sea Fish Cooking
Frogs and Snails - Classic French Specials
Food Design and Stylling
Carving Academy Certification


Italian - advanced
German - advanced
French - advanced
Czech - intermediate
English - native


Experiments in Cooking, Wine-tasting, Travelling, Puzzles, Reading Gastronomy and Cook Magazines

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Article Field: Gastronomy, Hotel Business, Tourism


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