Preschool Teacher Curriculum Vitae (Resume) Example

Preschool Teacher Curriculum Vitae (Resume) Example

Curriculum Vitae (Resume) Example Preschool Teacher

Preschool Teacher

Curriculum Vitae Example

Personal information:

Name: Ivy Preschool
Date of Birth: 28. November 1973
Phone number: 111 222 333
Status: Married


1991 - 1996
Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, Berlin
Primary School Teaching
Master's degree
German, Maths, Pedagogy, Special Pedagogy

1987 - 1991
Pedagogical highschool, Berlin
Preschool and After-school Pedagogy
Leaving examination: German, English, Maths, Pedagogy and Psychology

Job Experiences:

2008 - Today
Children Centre "Dolly"
Private nursery school children since 2 years of age

Job position: Schoolmaster

Job description: have a responsibility to operating nursery school in different areas (creating of education concepts and yearly plans, leading and coordinating of teacher's collective and other employees, statements of school economy making, cooperating with parents etc.

2005 - 2008
Children Centre "Dolly"
Private nursery school children since 2 years of age

Job position: Teacher

Job description: work with children, child's daily program making (theme of the day, activity, plays, education, materials preparation etc.

2004 - 2005
Youth Centre Berlin
The centre of free-time activities for all children and youth

Job position: Hobby group coordinator; volunteers, trainees and occasional activities coordinator

Job description: Hobbies schedule making, employee's casting, course content, course offers for interested persons, trainees and voluntaries advertisement, training of new employees, periodic supervising etc.

2000 - 2004
Maternity Leave
son Peter, daughter Lucia

1998 - 2000
Katholische Schule St. Marien, Berlin
Grammar school focus on getting generally knowledge
Job description: teaching of generally based subjects (except of languages teaching) in eight year's cycle, school chore leading, school magazine editing and publishing

1996 - 1998
Kepler Schule, Berlin
Primary school - Class Master
Job description: class work with 20 pupils, lessons propagation, lessons realization, additional activities (leading of free time activities for pupils ? music, dance and song teaching)


Children magazine ? help to advancement of reading skills
Music plays ? at the class work at primary school
How improve creativity
New methods in education
Class master ? organization and leading works
Reading skills disorders
Project classes
School environment - Conflicts solving
Eurhythmy workshop
State school leaving exams
Waldorf's pedagogy for teachers and parents


Theater Bee Shakespeare ? amateur theater collective

Foreign Languages Knowledge:

English - basic

Additional Skills and Abilities

Painting talent

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Preschool Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Article Field: Training, Education


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