Curriculum Vitae Writing for Information Technology

Curriculum Vitae Writing for Information Technology

Curriculum vitae and information technology job

Information technology sector has a lot of specifics and IT labour market is specific too. For curriculum vitae writing it is very important to adapt to IT job market conditions. Simply, we can say: Information technology labour market is characterized in powerful excess of demand of it specialists over supply. This fact is propitious for applicants for information technology jobs, but often we can see weighty mistakes in applicants for job materials (Curriculum Vitae - Resume, Cover Letter). Mistake in curriculum vitae writing can decide about inviting or no inviting to job interview with recruiter.

IT Curriculum vitae writing mistakes

Applicant for information technology job is not often aware that their curriculum vitae and cover letter it is not comprehensible and very difficult to understand for others. These applicants opinion is that his curriculum vitae clearly and simply describe knowledge and practise of constituent technologies and platforms. And it is great applicant for job mistake. Curriculum vitae writing mistake.

Curriculum vitae is writing for recruiter

Recruiter or human resource assistant is the first employer's staffer, which is evaluating applicant's curriculum vitae. And recruiter or human resource specialist are rather expert on recruitment and human resources than expert on programming, analysis, it quality processes, project management. Curriculum vitae is writing for recruiter.

Recruiter's curriculum vitae selection

To invite or not invite applicant for information technology job position to Job Interview. It is great dilemma for recruiter, which is providing curriculum vitae selection. And the rule of curriculum vitae selections is very simply. It is comparison between requirements for job position and applicant's curriculum vitae items. We are talking about items of curriculum vitae, not about knowledge and practise of applicant which is not describe in CV.

Curriculum vitae writing for it job

For curriculum vitae writing for information technology job position it is very important to keep CV standard for IT sector. In curriculum vitae it is necessary to enumerate whole knowledge of individual technologies and the level of this knowledge. For example: It can seems unbelievable, but a lot of applicant for job position IT Administrator (Net Administrator) are writing in curriculum vitae on practise on this position. Applicant only writes: I have experiences with net administration. What say this information? Is applicant for job able to work as IT administrator in concrete firm? What king of technologies was using on last applicants job? We can see, that information about practise as it administrator is very general and is not sufficient. It is very important to describe all knowledge of operation systems, all server applications, hardware, net technologies, antivirus and net securities. But we are not talking only about IT administrator job position. The same we can say about Programmer, about IT Analysts, about Quality Engineer, about Project Manager and others information technology jobs.

List of technologies and platforms in curriculum vitae

It is very simply to insert list of individual technologies, platforms to curriculum vitae. And the level of knowledge of each item. The curriculum will be longer, but recruiter will have demanded exact information.

IT approach and curriculum vitae

To applicants for information technology job can help to see recruitment process and curriculum vitae selection as database searching. It is the knowledge of some it technology in curriculum vitae and in potential employers job description? It is as comparison of text strings. For example: IT Analyst job description contain UML knowledge, applicant for this position worked on the similar position, use UML language, but in his curriculum vitae this information is absent. And recruiter could not invite this applicant to job interview.

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