CV (Resume) Example Hotel Director

CV (Resume) Example Hotel Director

Curriculum Vitae (Resume) Example Hotel Director, Hotel Sales Manager

Hotel Manager, Director

Curriculum Vitae Example

Personal Information:

Name: Max Globetrotter, MBA
Date of Birth: 12 of November 1971
Nationality: Greek
Marital Status: single
Email: max-globetrotter@hotel-directors. e u
Phone:00 Country-number 123 456 789 101112
Address: Hotel Avenue, Gazimagusa, Cyprus

Job Experiences:

2007 - today
(The company practicing four-star internal congress hotel, one of the biggest hotel complexes on the World)
TOP HOTEL Prague, the Czech Republic Conference and event manager (2007 - 2009)
Job description: Responsibility for organization of all events managed in the hotel, attendance in exhibitions and trade fairs, hotel presentation, hotel revenue making, demands transaction, offers creating, reporting to Hotel Director
Hotel Sales Director (2009 - today)
Job description: Responsibility for good business of hotel, new customers getting (responsibility for full occupation of the hotel), hotel propagation, business team leading, price quotation making and events calendar creating

2005 - 2007
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
(One of the biggest hotel chains on the world) InterContinental Hotel Balaclava Fort, Mauritius
F&B Manager (Food and Beverage Manager)
Job description: Responsibility for organization and quality of whole area, cooperation with other departments, leading - controlling - motivation of hotel personnel, supervising of hotel standards keeping, delivery optimalization, daily contracts making
Understanding of F&B administration, orientation in the area of modern F&B trends

2002 - 2005
Hilton Hotel Corporation
Rose Hall Resort & Spa, a Hilton Resort, Jamaica
Facility Manager
Job description: Responsibility for all processes conducted with property operation, equipment etc, technical authority of whole building (servicing, repairs, technical facilities servicing, special technical controls providing) Infrastructure building administration (Cleaning, security, reception, summer and winter servicing, catering, phone and post servicing, concern for green and outdoor places), energy management

2000 - 2002
Marriott International
(Worldwide operator and franchisor of a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities)
2000 - 2001 - Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
"Training Program for Travel Agents"
(Better understanding of complex work in hotel services, acquisition of new business strategies, getting new experiences)
2001 - 2002 Lisbon Marriott Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal
Hotel Clerk
Job description: Responsibility of smooth running of hotel reception (receiving and handling of hotel guests complaints, organization of tourist group entertainment, book of operation making, hotel cash control, supervising of job spelling, partial responsibility for concierge services, porter, bus driver

1998 - 2000
Air Arabia, United Arab Emirates
(Air Company providing air transport to 46 destinations all over the world - Middle East, North Africa, central Asia and Europe)
Job description: concern for passenger's safety during flying, concern for passengers comfort, control of smooth function all equipment, enplane and deplane organization, providing refreshment services, unexpected problems solving, providing first aid and care giving

1996 - 1998
Travel Agency "Go!" Castro Valley, CA, United States
Dealer of Tours
Job description: preparation, organization, financial and technical assuring of any tours, negotiation with insurance companies, transporters and partners in the area of tourist industry, reservation and sale of tours to all over the world, client services, consultancy, conclusion of contracts, sales account

September 1995 - February 1996
Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, Singapore
Customer Support in Hotel Business
Job description: assistance and providing information to hotel clients (the area of fidelity programs), using of special hotel programs and databases, suggesting of optimal solutions agreeable with internal procedures

1991 - 1995
Travel Agency "Go!" Castro Valley, CA, United States
Delegate of Travel Agency (Rhodes, Corfu, Mallorca, Madeira, Fiji)
(Regularly summer residence in abroad)
Job description: Escort work to American tour visitors (representative of travel agency in foreign residence, concern for tourists, comments in foreign language, controlling and coordination of itinerary of journey, negotiation with foreign partners, other services

October 1992 - November 1993
Hotel Prarador Segovia, Madrid, Spain
Trainee ship in abroad (during studying at high school and University) Odd jobs
Bar and restaurant services, help in the hotel reception, cook


2000 - 2006
University of Tourist Industry, San Francisco, California
Branch of study: Hotel Industry
University degree: Engineer
Graduated courses: Economy, Economy of Company, Management, Marketing, Management of Tourism, Marketing Direction of Publics and Regions, Landscape planning, Public Services

2008 - 2010
University of Tourist Industry, San Francisco, California
Study MBA with specialization to Hotel Industry, Gastronomy and Tourist Industry
University degree: Master of Business


Basic Barman Course
Course of Coffee Preparation
Hotel Manager Academy I, II, III
Communication Skills
Professional Presentation
Manipulation, Press and Bluff in Working Experiences
Winning Team! Leading Abilities Training
Risks of Management
Stress Management
Evaluation and Motivation of Staff
Successful Sales in Hotel Business

Foreign Languages Knowledge:

Greek - mother tongue
English, Portugal - excelent
Spanish, Russian, German, Italian - advanced understanding
Czech, Arabic - basic understanding

Interests and Hobbies:

Travelling, Architecture, Skiing, Water polo

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Hotel Director, Hotel Manager Cover Letter Sample

Job Description

Article Field: Gastronomy, Hotel Business, Tourism


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