Curriculum Vitae Example Logistician

Curriculum Vitae Example Logistician

Curriculum Vitae Resume Example Logistician


Curriculum Vitae Example

Personal information:

Name: Bruno Logistician
Address: New AABroad Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Date of Birth: 10 June 1967
Nationality: American
Marital Status: married
Email: bruno.logistician@bruno-logistician . c o m
Phone: 00 Country-number 999 000 999 000


1982 - 1986
Training College, Milbourne
Transport Facilities
Graduation: English, Maths, General Engineering, Mechanics, Road Transport

2002 - 2005
University of Transport Logistic, Philadelphia
Faculty of International Logistic
Specialization in Transport Logistic
Graduation: Transport Logistic, Marketing, Logistic of Road Transport, Logistic of Railway Transport

Work experiences:

2005 - Today
DHL Express, Ltd, Philadelphia
(Services in the field of domestic and international express transportation of documents and packets)
Transport Logistician
- provision of domestic and international transport
- communication with traffic controllers
- actual coordination of deliveries
- control and certification of bills
- generation of reporting
- complex evaluation of transport effectiveness

2000 - 2005
Transpoint International, Philadelphia
(International logistic company, transport of wares, stock-keeping, valuation of wares)
- leading of logistic processes
- dumps optimizing
- co-operation with store and product logistic
- transport and trace coordination
- communication with customers and suppliers
- negotiation with dispatch services
- price quotations and tariffs elaboration

1994 - 1999
Multitrans USA, Philadelphia
(Logistic services in the field of road, railway, marine and air transport)
Agent in Rolling-stock
- loading and unloading services
- transport services
- controlling
- working papers for price calculation
- documentation

1991 - 1994
Car Transport TIRAC, Melbourne
(International and domestic truck transport)
Traffic controller of domestic transport
- transport organization
- leading of 10 drivers group
- documents and evidence making

1986 - 1989
PPL USA Ltd., Philadelphia
Dispatcher of international transport
- material transport


English - native
German - basic understanding
Spanish - basic understanding


International Trade with wares and services
Logistic in Twenty first century
Total Quality Management in Logistic
Six Sigma and Logistic
ITIL, Project Management and logistic processes
PMI certificate
Prince 2 certificate
SAP Logistic
Controlling in Logistic and Logistic Companies
Stimulation of Product and Distribute Processes

PC Skills:

Windows, Linux, SAP Logistic, Transport Manager, LogisticIOS, TransportInterface, Lotus Notes, MS Office, Black Belt Helper


Historical swordplay, Military history, Celts, Locomotives, Motorcycles

In Philadelphia 1 September 2009

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Article Field: Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing


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