Curriculum Vitae Example Production Manager

Curriculum Vitae Example Production Manager

Curriculum Vitae Example Production Manager, Manufacturing Manager

Production Manager, Manufacturing Manager Curriculum Vitae Example

Personal information:

Name: Victor Production Manager
Address: Manufacturing street 11
Birth: 11 December 1973
Nationality: British
Marital Status: Married
Email: victor.manager.of.production @ production - manager . com
Phone: 11 21 31 41

Job experience:

Quebel - Electro technology, London
2006 - today
Production manager
activities coordination of particular sections in production, optimalization of work and productive instruments (ordering materials, machines purchasing), plans of production compliance, budgeting

Quebel - Electro technology, London
2003 - 2006
coordination of activities in production, plans of production observance, technical processes compliance, employees supervision and controlling

Smith's and Ironmongery Works, London 1998 - 2003
Own business company
team of 6 employees leading, orders negotiation and realization, plans of production, completely prevision of managing the company

KOSH Thermo technology, London
1995 - 1998
Materials Storage Manager
materials taking (amount control, quality control, data insertion, etc.), responsibility for good operation in storage (team of 8 employees), active participation on projects

KOSH Thermo technology, Los Angeles, USA
1991 - 1995
taking-stocking-assembling of goods, storage evidence making, material outgoing

Automobile service, Oxford
1989 - 1991
Auto mechanic
all duties continues with going of automobile service (including cars purchase, consultancy)


Industrial University, London
Faculty of Engineering
Branch of activity: Leading of industry production
Thesis theme: Toyota production system (TPS)
1998 - 2003

Training college - Mechanical engineering, London
Branch of activity: Production technology
Distance teaching
Leaving examinations: English, German, mathematic, technology, mechanics
1992 - 1995

Training college - Mechanical engineering, London
Branch of activity: Car mechanic
Vocational subjects: engineering technology, basis of engineering production, technical documentations, basis of electro technology, cars, vocational training
1986 - 1989

Primary school, London
1979 - 1986


SAP - Implementation of manufacturing module of informational systems
Lean production - in area of electro technological production
Kaizen / KVP - permanent improvement in organization
Six sigma and Black Belt
Total Quality management (TQM)implementation in organization
Management of industry production


Computer skills: MS WINDOWS, MS OFFICE, Internet, SAP Production, TQM IS, TPS IS, Kaizen Management IS
Driving licence


English - native
German - fluent
French - basic
Japan - basic


Cars, motorbikes, football, golf, tennis, ice hockey, nature, movies, Toyota history

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Production Manager Cover Letter Example

Article Field: Manufacturing, Quality, Operations


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