Cover Letter Sample Logistician

Cover Letter Sample Logistician

Logistician Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Karl von Transporter
Trans Logistic
San Francisko

Job position Head Logistician application

Dear Mr. Transporter,

On your website I can see an actual job offer of your company - it is concretely a position of Head Logistician. I would like to show you my interest in this position.

According your requirements for this job the most important thing is - to have a lot of experiences with logistician work. Unscrupulous I can say - I have them. In the field of logistics I am used to be for more than twenty years. During these years I got a lot of experiences that helped me to improve my professional life.

After graduating at my college I worked as a truck driver in international transport company. After almost three years I have changed my job and improved the possibility to work as a traffic controller at one of the domestic transport company. Here I could take my first experience with leading of people and operation of logistic processes in practice too.

In this position I have stayed for some years. Then I needed to intensify my professional growth and I needed to change my job. I became a Logistician. In this time I had to broaden my education - so I had studied at University.

From the year 2000 I work as a Logistician. Except the common tasks of this work I have to communicate with customers and supplier, negotiate with business partners, make price offers and tariffs etc.

My education is still improving by visiting some logistician courses - the list of them you can find in my CV. Except my experiences, time flexibility, responsibility I can offer you my manager skills too - you can access the value of these skills in your team.

I would be very pleasant if you contact me - eventually you can invite me to personal meeting.

Yours sincerely

Bruno Logistician

Bruno Logistician
bruno-logistician@logistic-operation-trans. c o m
Phone:00 Country-number 999 000 999 000

Attachment: Logistician Curriculum Vitae Example

Logistician Cover Letter Sample End

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