Production Manager Cover Letter Example

Production Manager Cover Letter Example

Production Manager Cover Letter Sample Start

Mr. Charles Worker
Manufacturing Director
Global Automotive Production
London, GB

Application for job position Production Manager

Dear Mr. Worker,

In the website of your company it interested my attention an offered position Production Manager. I would like to show you my interest in this position.

In my professional career I tried different kinds of jobs. I can tell that I advanced from the lowest worker's positions to management's positions. After short period of time in automobile service then I attended to work in big engineering companies. I started at the position storekeeper then I promoted to position the leader of storekeeper. These positions enabled me to see how these companies work at the lowest but very important areas of business. Years between 1998 and 2003 were very important for my next professional career. I decided to go into business. And that in the area of smithery and ironmongery works. I made up a small prosperous company. I could try lots of interesting activities linked with leading these types of companies. During these years I studied at the University in London. I completed my education a thanks for studying and work experiences I could concentrate to manager's positions.

Company KOSH, one of the biggest companies producing thermo technology establishment in the British and world fair, employed me as shifter then I promoted to position production manager. My job descriptions were very various - I coordinated and planed the production, controlled employees, etc. My position needed great amount of responsibility.

Even if I like my job, I feel that is the right time to change it. I have the impression that my current position can not to enable me the next career's growing. I tried to address your company. I think I meet all your requirements inserted in profile of the coming manager of production for your company. I am not afraid about leading a team of employees, I am not afraid about making decisions and hold their sequences, I am resistant to stress and I can conform to new work conditions. Finally, you can persuade in my CV attached.

I am waiting for your answer.

Sincerely yours,

Victor Production Manager

Victor Production Manager
Manufacturing street 11
Brighton, GB
Email: victor.manager.of.production @ production - manager . com
Phone: 00 Country-number 11 21 31 41

Attachment: Curriculum Vitae Example Production Manager

Production Manager Cover Letter Sample End

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