Cover Letter Sample Executive Chef

Cover Letter Sample Executive Chef

Executive Chef Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Danny Restaurant Manager
World Gastronomy Planet
New York

Job position Executive Chef application

Dear Mr. Restaurant Manager,

Are you looking for capable and experienced executive chef? Read the next lines to be persuaded you have found him.

What can I offer to your restaurant? First of all it is good-quality education in the area of gastronomy and gastronomic services. I am still improving my acquirements. I am visiting a lot of gastronomic courses (the list of them you can find attached to my CV).

In my opinion - what I consider to be my biggest advantage? Above all it is many years standing in abroad. The standing in abroad (Italy, German) made possible for me to recognize specific atmosphere of local people - their appetite and their gastronomic habits. In that authentic environmental I could learn how to prepare and arrange typical local meals. I learn secret recipes of local specials too. My lifelong passion will always stay Italian cuisine. Naturally I do not defend from new impulse - at recent time I found out magic of Thailand's and Japan cuisine. It gave me a lot of inspiration.

I am not scared of activities exigent of some managers skills. Team working is not problem for me - I am capable to lead a group of cooks and I can motivate them to work too. Thank my advanced language skills I am able to work in international work team. I am helpful to my workmate the same way as the guess wishes. Necessity of my work is representation of restaurant I will be employed. Finally I have been employed at restaurants with longtime tradition and world fame (Ambiente Restaurants Group, For Seasons Hotels and Resorts).

I have a good command with kitchen working (menu creating, pricing, calculation, food offering etc.). Cooking is still the biggest interest in my life. I will be very pleasant if you invite me to job interview to your restaurant.

Yours sincerely

George Executive Chef

George Executive Chef
george@executive-chef-gastronomy. c o m
Phone:00 Country-number 111 000 111 444

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