Hotel Director, Hotel Manager Cover Letter Sample

Hotel Director, Hotel Manager Cover Letter Sample

Hotel Director, Hotel Sales Manager - Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Mr. Enjoy Holiday
hotel owner
Grand Hotel in Prague

Job position Hotel Director application

Dear Mr.Holiday,

In the attachment of Economic Newspaper I have learned about your job demand. You are finding a Hotel Director for the Grand Hotel in Prague. I am persuaded - I am the right person for your announced position. Why? Not only I have studied the branch of Hotel Industry but I have a lot of wide experiences in biggest hotel complexes all over the world.

After graduation at high school specialized in Hotel and Tourist Industry I have studied the University in California - the branch of the study was Hotel Industry again - here I acquired the engineer title. In recent years I have enriched my education skills with studying other university branch - except of Hotel Industry it was the area of Gastronomy and Tourist Travel.

During my studying period I have got a lot of theoretically knowledge - and I have had the chance to try them in practical life very soon. Like a student I travelled a lot to abroad where I acquired new interesting experiences. Lately I have tried other jobs in the area of hotel industry, gastronomy, tourism etc. (Facility manager, Food and Beverage manager, Conference and event manager, Hotel Director). I am very happy I can make the best of these experiences in my next professional life. I am not scared of any challenge which could move my professional life ahead.

I hope, you will give me a chance to meet you personally. We could have a talk about some details related with my person. As well as I could get some information about your imaginings.

Have a nice day.

Yours sincerely

Max Globetrotter

Max Globetrotter, MBA
max-globetrotter@hotel-directors. e u
Phone:00 Country-number 123 456 789 101112

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Hotel Director, Hotel Sales Manager Letter Sample End

Job Description

Article Field: Gastronomy, Hotel Business, Tourism


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