Cover Letter Sample Analyst IT

Cover Letter Sample Analyst IT

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Anthony Developer
IS Development Department Director
Bill Gates Street 11

Application for job position Analyst IT

Dear Mr. Developer,

I would like to apply for job position Analyst IT for Microsoft Company published on server on 20 December.

I believe that I am adequate applicant for job position in IS Development Department in your company.

Development of information systems is my job description throughout my professional carrier. I have the great experiences in analysis of IS and other experiences in programming (JAVA, .NET), documentation and quality insurance.

I work on job position Analyst IT since 2000. I have experiences with development and implementation IS off-house and in-house too.

I am working as Analyst - Team Leader for AT&T Company. I am providing user requirements analysis, feasibility studies and I am managing team of Analysts in our company simultaneously. I would like to change job due to my move to Seattle. I am able to start work on 1st of February.

I have mastered most of tools and methodologies for analysis and information systems development in different platforms including all published in your advertisement (UML, Enterprise Architect, USE CASE and ITIL).

Job for your company would be the progress in my professional carrier and I hope I will have opportunity to present myself on job interview.

Yours sincerely

George Analyst, MBA

George Analyst, MBA
Phone number: 911 000 911 0001
Email: george-analyst@it-is-analysts. c o m

Attachment: CV (Resume) Example Analyst IT

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