Cover Letter Sample Marketing Manager

Cover Letter Sample Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager Cover Letter Sample Beginning

John Marketer
Marketing Director
Executive Marketing Research
Downhill 98
Washington, USA

Job position Marketing Manager application

Dear Mr. Marketer,

I would like to apply for job position Marketing manager, which was published this week on job ads server

Let me shortly introduce my marketing carrier. I am marketing professional with ten years experiences as marketing specialist and marketing manager. My marketing experiences are both, on the firm side and on the site of advertising agency too. The first five years I worked in goods area (FMCG, consumers goods, toys) and the last five years I has jobs in marketing of services (IT, telecommunications and market research).

I will move to Washington and it is the reason for change my job. I have the high motivation to work for your company in Washington, because Executive Marketing Research Ltd. is the leader of the market and your marketing strategy and marketing communication is very near to my mind.

I hope I can be useful to your company on job position Marketing manager and I will enjoy to your invitation for Job Interview.

Your sincerely,

Karl von Market

Karl von Market
00 Country-number 111 111 111

In Alaska, 2008-11-07

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Marketing Manager Cover Letter Sample End

Job Description

Article Field: Marketing, Advertising, PR, Media


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