Worker Cover Letter Example

Worker Cover Letter Example

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Mr. George Laborer
Plant Manager
BMW Automotive
London, GB

Worker Job Position Application

Dear Mr. Laborer,

From your company's website I learned about your need for a position qualified worker in area of automotive. I am very interested in this position. I believe that I meet all your requirements and that I will be the best candidate for this position.

What can I offer to your company? First of all it is my employment back-round. I have lots of experience in many workers' positions that I gained during my multiyear profession. It was in automotive industry and rail industry too. From the position, we can say lowest, Serviceman of rail ways and then of rail's vehicles, Lathe man, Fitter, Worker in operation and Mounting worker, I reached higher position. It was a position of Team leader and Shifter in production. In these positions I was employed by the company Toyota - one of the most famous automotive companies in Europe.

In this place I would like to accent that all these positions called for right qualification and knowledge. That I continuously improved by invitation lots of course and getting lots of certificate - for example Welding card (gas welder too), Flame cutting card, Certificate of engines parts INA, Lift truck card, TPS (Toyota Production System), Labour code 2010 for shifters and lower management.

By nature I am hardworking person, I am not scared of any hard physical work. However, with consideration to my age and experiences I would like to find such work where I could take advantage from my organizations and communications skills. I am very happy that in your company is the possibility of professional growing.

I am available to join immediately. I would welcome the opportunity to interview with you in your company. You can reached me at 111 222 333 then we can arrange the meeting. I am looking forward the next cooperation with you.

Thank you for your consideration.

You are sincerely

Joseph Worker

Joseph Worker
Worker's street 333
London, GB
Email: joseph.worker@j o s e p h . worker . c o m
Phone: 00 Country-code 111 222 3332

Attachment: Curriculum Vitae Example Worker

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Job Description

Article Field: Manufacturing, Quality, Operations


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