Cover Letter Sample Pharmacist

Cover Letter Sample Pharmacist

Pharmacist - Cover Letter Sample Beginning

PharmDr. Jerome Pharmacy
sale manager
International Pharmacy
Punctual Street 55

Application for Job Position Pharmacist, Head of Pharmacies

Dear Mr. Pharmacy,

I would like to express my serious interest in a position as Head of Collaborated Pharmacies for your company.

I believe I am a strong candidate for this position because I am daring to say. I meet all requirements defined with your company (academic education and practical skills).

During my professional career I used an opportunity to try some job positions in the area of Pharmacy. There were some positions where I used my pharmaceutical knowledge (Pharmacist assistant, Pharmacist, Laboratory worker) as well as my managerial and business skills (Head of Pharmacy).

Very helpful to improving my professional skills I consider founding and operating my own prosperous Pharmacy in which I could try all my skills in some different positions.

I feel - now is the best time to move forward to next job experience. I do not dodge any new challenge, I am purposeful, I am not scared to make big decision and take responsibility for them. I am not beginner in the pharmacy world. I would like to make use of my previous experience and gained contacts.

I would love to be beneficial addition to your company. I would like to persuade you about it at the personal meeting. I have enclosed my resume with my cellphone contact. I am looking for our meeting and maybe our future cooperation.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Hannah Pharmacist

Hannah Pharmacist
Birth: 22 September 1975
Phone number: 111 222 333 777
Address: 111 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11222

Attachment: CV (Resume) Example Pharmacist

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