Cover Letter Sample Human Resources Manager, HR Manager

Cover Letter Sample Human Resources Manager, HR Manager

Human Resources Manager - Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Woody Personnel
Human Resources Director
Metabo Inc.
Tools Street 396, Austin

Application for job position Human Resources Manager

Dear Mr. Personnel,

I am interested in job position HR Manager. The position was published in New York Times on the 1st December by your company.

I am human resources professional with fifteen years experiences. Last ten years I am working on management level and I am leading teams of human resources generalists and specialists.

Human resources are my specialization from my university studying on NY University (Faculty of HR), during my work for GE Aviation I studied PhD course on University of Human Resources Management in London. Topic of my thesis was HR Management and Efficiency of Staff.

"My human resources carrier started in company Goldman Sachs, I worked as Generalist. In 1999 I started to work as Manager for HR Performance in GE Aviation. I obtained human resources management experiences from different industrial sectors - automotive (Daimler Benz), food industry (Danone), information technology (Info Project System, HR IS Dev+Imp) and counseling (Aditus recruitment). "

During my carrier I obtain deep knowledge of human resources processes including payroll, motivation, recruitment, marketing and advertising, HR information system and job design. I have great experience with employee affairs and collective agreement negotiations. I am member of HR Professional Association and I am certified Collective Agreement Negotiator by HRoUSACAN Association.

I leaded or cooperated on very successful projects of employee or job efficiency. The greater success we achieved in production processes.

I am very interested in Human Resource Manager for your company. I am motivated, experienced and performed HR manager. I hope myself is optimal and right choice for your company.

I look forward to your response and invitation to job interview.

Yours sincerely

Floyd Human Resources Manager, PhD

Floyd Human Resources Manager, PhD
Email: floyd-human@resource-manager-phd.n e t
Phone number: country code and 333 444 555 666 444
Address: HR Management street 17, Dallas, USA

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Article Field: Human Resources


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