Cover Letter Sample Graduate

Cover Letter Sample Graduate

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Frank Recruiter, MBA
Graduated Search Departemnet
Economy and Bussiness Advices Ltd.
Street of University Graduated
San Francisco, USA

Job position HR Recruiter Junior for graduate application

Dear Mr. Recruiter,

are you looking for dynamic person with knowledge of last trends in personal agencies? In this case I am for you the best person who you are looking for. Although I am just a graduate - my experiences and abilities are not suitable with this profile. Finally, you can persuade yourself if you read the next rows or when you have a look to my added Curriculum Vitae.

In the autumn of this year I successfully graduated at Business University in Washington. My specialization was Personal management. Thanks my Graduation Thesis Personal agencies at job market in Washington, and research, I have done, gave me big view and very interesting practical information about how in Washington personal agencies work. To this target help me half year special trainee program in personnel agency Aditus, where I advanced from less exacting mission to complicated mission, which called for more responsibilities and resolutions.

To my big precedence I count my two years long residence in Belgium. Except improving my language skills in French and perfected fair trade business knowledge, it was big test to my life - it helped me to improve of my personality. I learned to depend only on my own. I found new approach to my life and job too. I am very glad I have this experiences, I would like to avail of them in my future professional life.

I count on them devotion to work, positive access, ability to know differences between less and more important things, receiving responsibility. I am a person with business mind, ambitious and initiative. I am engage in a conversation; I have a pleasant way with other people. I am time flexible resistant to stress.

I would like to apply you for the personal meeting, where I should persuade you of my qualification and suitable disposition for this position.

Yours sincerely

Paul Graduate

Paul Graduate
00 Country-number 531 531 5311
paul.graduate@p a u l .graduate. c o m

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