Student Cover Letter Example

Student Cover Letter Example

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BBA Peter Teacher
Student Trainee Ship and Temporary Job Officer
Human Resource Departement
International Offers Ltd.
Huston, USA

Application for Student Trainee Ship

Dear Mr. Teacher,

I would like to show you my interest in trainee-ship in your company.

Currently I study Business economics and management at Economic College in London. I would like to take a master's degree in 2011. I took a bachelor's degree at the same college in 2007. I achieved a Certificate in language study (Advanced French). I improved my language skills of French last year when I spent one year in France. I am not fear of communication in German, too. Except my language skills I can offer to your company lots of knowledge which I got from my three years studying at the college (now these knowledge are still theoretic). I have notion in the area of business management, accounting, finances, and lows. Some of these educations I could try in private tax office when I was at my compulsory practises (two months). I would like to try the next of my educations just in your company.

I am not scared about any work which will improve me. I would like to get new ideas; I have no problems with working in team. I can work in team or alone, I am flexible and reliable. Trainee-ship in your company could be for me a big chance. It would help me to improve my knowledge and abilities.

More information you can find in my CV thereinafter attached. In case of your interest don't hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Agatha Student

Agatha Student
Student street 11
London, GB
Phone: 00 Country-number 111 222 333
E-mail: agatha-student@s t u d e n t . c o m

Attachment: Curriculum Vitae Example Student

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